Group 4

The OG Anti-Vaxxers: The Lessons of the Brazilian Vaccine Riots in the Light of

Ben Bierley and Grace Seifert

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Crowds are gathering. The word is spreading. Collectively online and in person, thousands of modern day Americans gather and congregate to spread the conspiracy of the anti-vaccination movement. Many seem to think this is a modern movement that has always had a white suburban identity. Grace and Ben take a look back in history to catalogue a very different anti-vaccination campaign. We turn to turn-of-the-twentieth-century Brazil to uncover the details of the little remembered vaccination riots in Rio de Janeiro. In exploring the identity and evolution of the anti-vaccination movement, the hosts help listeners understand the history and culture of the time. Why would people induce riots over a vaccine to a disease? How does identity shape how a nation responds to a public crisis? Transporting listeners to this turbulent period in Brazil’s history, we draw parallels between Brazil’s past and the United States’ present. 

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